We will search for a synthesis on the current status of the use of population genomics in fisheries management and provide a set of guidelines of best practice for obtaining fisheries-relevant data together with its correct interpretation and application in management plans.


is designed to facilitate interaction and promote synergistic activities aimed at improved stock monitoring, prediction, and management to ensure sustainability in response to naturally- and anthropogenically-induced changes to the marine environment.

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Each day will be devoted to a theme:

Fish stock delineation and management

Population genomics and fisheries

The future of fisheries management in the genomic era


Tiago R. Magalhães

Rita Castilho (Convener, PT)

Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta (SP)

Cymon Cox (PT)

Rita Castilho (Convener, PT)

Scientific  Committee

Organising Committee


Bruno Louro


It is our great pleasure to warmly invite you to "The application of population genomics to fisheries management" workshop organized by the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR).

This is a meeting for everyone that wants to explore the application of genomics to particular fisheries approaches.

The workshop will focus on a number of high profile keynote speakers and the aim is to provide a forum in which early career students and people not involved in the genomics approach will have an opportunity to discuss its potential applications and benefits to particular scientific problems of their work through informal discussions. 

We do hope that you will join us in what promised to be a fruitful workshop!

Bruno Louro


Top scientists will give keynote talks that will set the debate, followed by oral presentations given by the attendants. A discussion among all participants will be conducted by a pivot/rapporteur which will also produce a consensus paper, intended to be published in an journal of high impact.