Márcio Coelho

Evandro Lopes

Phylogeography and phylogeny of European gorgoniids (Gorgoniidae): genera Eunicella and Leptogorgia. Paper in prep.

Márcio is doing his PhD at Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology & Behavior, University at Buffalo NY.

Genetic structure of Brachidontes puniceus populations in Cape Verde archipelago shows signature of expansion during the last glacial maximum. PDF

Evandro did his MSc at UALG and is currently working in Cape Verde as technician and TA.

Miguel Baltazar-Soares

Phylogeography and demographic history of Atherina presbyter (Pisces: Atherinidae) in the North-eastern Atlantic based on mitochondrial DNA. PDF

After getting his PhD with the group for Evolutionary Ecology for Marine Fishes with Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reusch at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Kiel University (IFM-Geomar) he is now heading to the UK with a Marie-Curie fellowship.


Elena González

Cláudia Patrão

Gonçalo Silva

John Horne

Elena spent a few months in my lab during 2013 funded by CSIC.

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Regina is interested in integrating paleoceanographic, phylogeographic, and molecular approaches to infer evolutionary patterns.

John did his first post-doc with us.

After his two-year stay he moved closer to home, to Halifax, Canada, where he is doing very well.

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Cláudia has finished her PhD in 2014.

She now works in the industry.

Gonçalo has finished his PhD in 2014.

Currently he is working at ISPA.

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Regina L. Cunha

Rita Castilho

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My research is principally question-driven, instead of model driven and I am interested primarily in understanding evolutionary principles. Therefore I am not confined to a particular type of organism, habitat or region.

People in the lab

Post-doctoral scholar

Principle Investigator

Past lab members

Pedro is doing his master degree thesis on Candidula, a land smail genus.

Pedro Madeira

Master student

Tara is doing a small project on the application of species distribution modelling to a marine species.

Tara Noonan

Master student

Teófilo will be working on the invasive species Fundulus heteroclitus.

Teófilo Morim

Master student